Plano Guide Series Reel Locker Review

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Plano Reel Locker Review

On our road trips around the country to camp, hike and fish, our rods and reels are taking a beating! To combat that issue, I recently received a Plano Guide Series Reel Locker, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This reel locker will hold up to eight reels and keep them safe no matter where I am headed next.

After complaining that no matter what I did my rods and reels were showing some wear and tear from lots of road trips, my wife bought me this reel locker for Christmas.  I was able to use it recently on a quick camping trip to South Georgia and I have to say I was very pleased.  Click the image above to check out our review video!

This reel locker is very well built, with quality foam, stiff side walls, a large zipper and hard rubber side plates that will really protect your reels when traveling or in storage.  I needed something that could hold a large number of reels and could be thrown in the KempBus or Pontoon-A-Fish without a second thought.  With capacity for up to 8 reels, this item from Plano fit the bill!

With a family of 4, having a reel locker that can take up to 8 reels is important. I typically have no less than 2 rods per person for a trip, and I often take many more than that.  I can see a second reel locker in the future for me as we bring all the rods we need to target multiple species of fish.

As you can see from the picture on the right, we take a lot of gear when we travel, and having a reel locker that can be stacked somewhere in there and keep our reels safe is a must.  We promise it is in there somewhere!

Packed full of gear

We can’t recommend this reel locker strongly enough.  If you are traveling with multiple reels costing $50, $100, $200 or more each, you need to protect your investment and the Plano Guide Series Reel Locker is what you need!  Check the price at either of these retailers by clicking the logo below!

Bass Pro Shops

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