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Hi, I’m Kevin Kemp

Hi, my name is Kevin Kemp and this is Kemp Outside!  Thanks for visiting this site.  If you are here because you love the great outdoors, you are in the right place.  A former wildlife biologist and now a small business owner, this is my way of continuing to work to ensure that wild spaces and the fish and wildlife that occupy them will be around for future generations to enjoy! Thanks for letting me share my love of the outdoors with you!

Why Kemp Outside?

I believe the outdoors are for everyone.  Yet as time goes on, less and less people are connected to the natural world.  Mobile devices and video games have replaced playing in the park and backyard forts for kids.  With every generation that passes, less connections with the outdoors take place and worse, the value of wild spaces and wild species diminish.   As someone who grew up outdoors, taking my kids outside was a foregone conclusion.  But what about the parents who want to expose their children to the outdoors who did not grow up doing what my family did?  What about the single mom who has a child begging them to go fishing or the single dad who wants to take his kids camping?  I want Kemp Outside to be about helping moms and dads.  No child should miss out on the wonders of nature!

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