Ellie & Tiller – The Kemp Outside Dogs


Hi! We’re Ellie & Tiller, the Kemp Outside dogs! We love to go camping, hiking and fishing with our family! Dad always says dogs make adventures more fun. We agree!

This page is dedicated to helping you include your furry friends in your family outdoor adventures! Follow Ellie & Tiller as they fish, hike, camp, and explore their world.


Ellie is a 3 year old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.  She loves to chase squirrels and lizards around the house and if dad is getting in the Kemp Bus, you can bet Ellie will be in the front seat ready to go! She loves the boat and fishing, but watch out at the campsite because she will steal your chair!

Ellie as a puppy
Ellie at Lake Cumberland
Ellie at the helm
Ellie & a tackle box

Tiller is a Vizsla puppy just born in January 2021.  His full name is Tiller Brees and while we love being on the boat or on the water, he isn’t named for that.  He is named after the best head coach and quarterback in Purdue Football history.

Joe Tiller has more wins than any other coach in Purdue history, and he coached the best quarterback Purdue ever had, Drew Brees.  Joe Tiller passed away in 2017 and Drew Brees just retired after an amazing NFL career so as a way to honor these Boilermaker greats, Tiller Brees got his name.

Since he is so young, we are focused on basic training right now, but he will be ready to hit the water or the trail in no time!

Tiller puppy
Tiller and Delaney
Tiller with mom and dad

We are going to expand our YouTube channel to give tips on camping, hiking and fishing with dogs, the gear we use to take our dogs outdoors, tips and tricks and a whole lot more, so stay tuned!

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