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Kemp Outside is partnering with Albatross Designs to help rid the world of single use plastics. Plastic is everywhere.  It is used in many household goods or as packaging.  The problem is plastics take a long time to break down and are often not disposed of properly.  They end up on our landscape or in our oceans.  The best way to insure plastics don’t end up in our environment is to not use them.  That’s why Albatross Designs does things differently.

Albatross Designs began with a desire to eliminate plastic from our landfills and our oceans. Their products are plastic fee, eco-friendly and well made.  Their shower and shaving products provide a fantastic, plastic free experience that will leave you clean, smelling good and clean shaven.

Kemp Outside has partnered with Albatross Designs through its afilliate program.  When you use our link to purchase, we get a little commission on the sale.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it’s a great way to help support Kemp Outside and our mission to help moms and dads get their kids outside.  So if you have been considering ways to reduce your impact on the environment or want to have a better shaving experience, get some of the awesome products from Albatross Designs, you will be glad you did!

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