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Rarely do you find a company with a philosophy that perfectly matches your own. But that is exactly what we’ve found with Toadfish Outfitters! Their commitment to not only create quality products but conservation of our natural resources makes them a company to be excited about!

Toadfish Outfitters creates products for the avid angler and outdoorsman.  Located in South Carolina, the owners of the company have committed to restoring oyster habitat as part of their corporate mission.  With water quality being a major conservation issue for coastal areas, a single oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day.  By restoring oyster habitat, many species of fish and wildlife benefit!

Toadfish Outfitters

In addition to their conservation mission, they have a wide variety of cool products from fishing rods, and outdoor gear to items for cooking and eating seafood.  Their products are innovative and high quality, making them fantastic gifts this holiday season!

One of my favorites are their stowaway travel rods! Each set comes with a rod handle and multiple sections that allow you to adjust the power and action of the rod.  Each set is also ready to go thanks to the aluminum tube that makes transport easy!

Toadfish Travel Rods

They also make fantastic spinning rods that come in either one piece or two pieces.  These rods are full of innovative features, look great and perform even better.  I am looking forward to adding some Toadfish rods to my arsenal soon!

Toadfish Spinning Rod
Toadfish 2 Piece Rods

From folding filet knives and cutting boards to dry bags and more, Check out Toadfish Outfitters!

Toadfish Drybags
Toadfish Filet Knife
Toadfish Cutting Board

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