Fishing with Fish Huge Apparel in the Gulf of Mexico

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Fishing with Fish Huge Apparel

I don’t get to fish offshore as often as I’d like.  So when Captain Christopher Weir called me up to ask me if I wanted to take advantage of a break in the weather to get offshore I said yes!  Check out the Fish Huge YouTube Channel and the video above where I go fishing with Fish Huge Apparel!

Fishing 20 miles west of Fort De Soto Park in the Gulf of Mexico, we targeted red grouper, all the while happy to fill the cooler with lane snapper, porgies, black seabass, and grunts.  We fished a variety of tackle and rigs to catch our fish, and Captain Chris discusses his techniques in the video.

high low rig catch

While I had a great time catching fish, I also had a great time filming video for both the Fish Huge channel as well as a video for Kemp Outside (coming soon!) and hanging out with Chris.  Chris and Fish Huge Apparel have been a huge supporter of Kemp Outside and my first sponsor! Chris has supplied me with fantastic fishing shirts and face shields that keep me protected from the sun’s harmful rays during long days on the water.  He was the first person I told besides my family that I had a dream to start a YouTube channel and has been supportive all the way!

The Catch!

It’s great to have friends that support your dream and I want to return the favor.  Chris will soon be launching Fish Huge Charters, where you will soon be able to charter Chris to take you on a fantastic offshore fishing adventure.  I can’t think of anyone I’d rather recommend to put you on grouper offshore.

So if you are thinking about an offshore trip, subscribe to their youTube channel and get yourself excited for your next trip.  You may just come home with a catch like this! And while you’re at it, pick up a quality fishing shirt and face shield so you will be protected from the sun on your trip. Also be sure to check out our Fishing Adventures page to see videos of other awesome trips we take here at Kemp Outside!

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