Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Review

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Thermacell mosquito repellent appliances are a must have if you spend any time outdoors.  At the campsite, hunting blind, fishing pond, or on the hiking trail, mosquitos can be awful.  In fact, they can turn a great experience into a bad experience.  Chances are, even if you aren’t someone mosquitos love, a member of your family is! In my family, that person is me.   Though insect sprays that contain deet are still something I use often, my preferred method of controlling mosquitos are Thermacells.

Thermacells are a small appliance that burns butane to heat a wafer that contains an insect repellent.  That repellent wafts into the air when heated to create a buffer of protection from mosquitos.  There are several different types of Thermacells, but no matter what kind you get, they all work pretty well.  We even use them to help control no-see-ums when coastal camping here in Florida.

To find out if Thermacell mosquito repellent appliances are right for you, check out the video review above!  If you want to get a Thermacell for you next trip, click here! Also don’t forget the refill kits.  Here are the one’s we recommend. Don’t forget to check out the other gear we use too!

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