Continental Terrain Contact AT Tire Review | Tires for Our Nissan NV 3500

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Tire Review Continental Terrain Contact AT

Check out our video review where we give you our first impressions of the Continental Terrain Contact AT.  Almost all our camping, fishing and hiking adventures begin and end with the KempBus, our Nissan NV 3500 Passenger van. In almost 4 years we have driven 79,000 miles, a lot of them pulling our boat. Our first set of tires, the Firestone Transforce HT, lasted 70,000 miles and were fantastic in almost every area except one, off-road traction. We bought these new tires in the hopes of increasing our off road performance without losing any of the benefits the Firestones provided.

Continental TerrainContact A/T 245/70-17 110T On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Truck Tire 15506810000

After 9,000 miles on these tires, I am very pleased.  We have experienced the dirt roads of South Georgia after heavy rains and Minnesota roads after a snowfall without any traction issues.  The tire performs well on pavement with only slightly raised road noise.

While this is an early review and time will tell how long these tires last, I am happy so far.  We plan to do another review of these tires at the end of their service life so stay tuned to Kemp Outside for future updates!

If you think Continental Terrain Contact ATs are right for you, here’s where to get them!

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Firestone Transforce HT 245/70-17 E 119/116R Highway All-Season Tire 232990

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