B-Dawg Towing St. Bernard Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

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B-Dawg Towing St. Bernard
B-Dawg hitch cargo carrier in action!
B-Dawg hitch cargo carrier in action!

The St. Bernard model B-Dawg hitch cargo carrier is fantastic when you need extra cargo space! This carrier holds up to 500 lbs and has a trailer hitch so you can still pull a small trailer or use a bike rack!


B-Dawg hitch cargo carrier and rowboat in tow!
B-Dawg hitch cargo carrier and rowboat in tow!

We recently put this carrier to the test with a 4000 mile trip from our home near Tampa Florida all the way to Big Bog State Recreation Area in Waskish Minnesota and back.  Coming home, we even pulled our 14′ rowboat on a boat trailer!  This hitch carrier performed flawlessly and I highly recommend it.

Please note the stated capacities from the manufacturer if you intend to use a hitch carrier like this.  If pulling a trailer like we do, make sure that trailer is very light, especially if you have any weight on the carrier itself.  The cargo on the carrier and the tongue weight of the trailer can not exceed 500 lbs.  I recommend even less weigh than that.  Our coolers typically weigh a maximum of 200 lbs and the tongue weight of our rowboat is less than 50 lbs.  Overall, be safe whenever you are using any hitch mounted cargo carrier or bike rack and make sure your load is secured.

Check out the video above where I assemble the St. Bernard model with the help of our dog Ellie and see for yourself if this hitch is right for you.  You can also get more information on this cargo carrier from the B-Dawg website.

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