Changing a Trailer Tire the Easy Way | Trailer-Aid Tire Ramp Review

Change a Trailer Tire the Easy Way

It’s bound to happen eventually.  If you pull a boat, camper or equipment trailer, eventually you will find yourself changing a trailer tire.

Tire Changing Ramp

Most of the time when I am camping or on road trips, the KempBus is full of people and gear.  That makes getting to the tire jack that comes with the van a challenge.  Further, I typically really dislike vehicle supplied jacks for trailers.  When I had a truck I carried a floor jack with me on trips, but with the van it isn’t as convenient.  Enter the tire changing ramp from Trailer-Aid!

If you have a tandem axle trailer, you can use a tire changing ramp. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for single axle trailers. But if you have a flat tire, simply put the ramp in front of or behind the good tire and run the trailer up the ramp.  The tire that needs to be changed will also be lifted off the ground with no jack required.

The Trailer-Aid ramp has made changing a trailer tire much easier! To get your’s, click here!

If you haven’t yet, please click the video above to see our YouTube review of the Trailer-Aid ramp and how we use it!

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