Broken Boat, Broken Boat Trailer, 800 Miles From Home!

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Broken Boat, Broken Boat Trailer, 800 Miles From Home!

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A broken boat is bad, but a broken boat trailer is worse!

Sometimes not everything goes according to plan.  After an 800 mile drive to Goose Creek State Park from our home near Tampa, we were ready to launch Pontoon-A-Fish and do some striper fishing on the Pamlico River!  Imagine our surprise when we couldn’t get the boat to run and noticed we had a broken boat trailer!

For some reason, the boat seemed to be starved for fuel and wouldn’t stay running.  We limped it back to the ramp on the trolling motor and loaded it back on the trailer. That’s when we noticed a crack in one of the welds on the trailer.  It was a minor crack that must have happened on the drive up Interstate 95.

Because I tow my boat all over the United States, I am constantly looking over my trailer.  Even though I could have bought a single axle trailer for Pontoon-A-Fish, I chose a dual axle trailer for a better distribution of weight.  I carry 2 spare tires and a set of tools in case I need to repair anything.  I constantly check hub temperatures on the road and carry an extra grease gun and the ability to repair a hub if needed.  The mileage and wear and tear will always result in the need for repair and maintenance.  But in my case I needed to find a welder the day before Thanksgiving 800 miles from home.

I used to work for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  Our wildlife management area staff always knew the best repair shops in town! I figured it was the same with the park staff at Goose Creek, so I found a ranger and asked them to refer a welder.  I wasn’t disappointed.

A quick drive into town and $20 later I was back on the road and ready for the drive home once our trip was over.  It was a minor repair but I wouldn’t have wanted to risk an 800 mile tow on a cracked weld.

Here’s a pro tip for all you campers out there.  If you need an auto repair shop for your tow rig or a welder for your trailer, ask to speak with a ranger or technician at the park you are staying in.  They will know where to go, even if you don’t!

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