Pontoon Boat Fishing for Sharks in Tampa Bay

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Pontoon Boat Shark Fishing

On this episode Kevin takes his friend Charlie and his two daughters pontoon boat fishing on Pontoon-A-Fish! Helping kids catch their first fish or biggest fish is something Kevin loves to do, so today Jessie got her first fish from a boat and Tabby got her first shark!

There are many species of sharks in the coastal waters of Florida, which makes catching them from our pontoon boat pretty easy to do.  One of our favorite species to target is the Atlantic Sharpnose Shark.  This is a great species to catch because it doesn’t get too big, is easy for kids to handle and is great fun on light spinning rods!

We had a beautiful day on Tampa Bay and even got to play with Orange Filefish, a very unique species most people never see. The water was so clear we were able to video these fish trying to steal our bait!

Pontoon-A-Fish is a 2017 Sylvan 8520 Mirage 4PT with a 115 HP Yamaha Marine outboard.  This pontoon boat fishing machine is a fantastic platform not only for fishing, but spending time with family out on the water as well!

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